is Northern Ontario’s leading multidisciplinary clinic

and is located in Sudbury, Ontario. It is the only holistic medical clinic that offers many disciplines
of medical rehabilitation and harmonizes both the science and the art of healing and well-being.


Dr. Chris Mazzuchin N.D. is the owner, operator and clinic director of the clinic.
It’s values and mission statement revolve around complete, comprehensive
and compassionate care for all people seeking answers to their health care concerns.

The funny thing about life is
that it gives us the test first
and the lessons later.

Ssshh Listen! gives you hints
about the answers to YOUR test.


Ssshhh Listen! Natural Cures: A workshop for the soul, was written to help translate and communicate for the heart what is really going on in a person’s life. A life that may be filled with too many questions and not enough answers. This book uses tools to help people learn about their hearts, understand their minds and furthermore, achieve a life of fulfillment. Be prepared to do homework, as this book teaches you about yourself…

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their mind or brain is forced to look to their heart for answers. Answers to questions that they themselves may have had for many years. The challenge with this quest is that the heart speaks a different language than the mind. The mind is use to language, math and science, but the heart uses intuition, insight and emotion to express itself.

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We will be glad to guide you through the decision making process in choosing the right people, the right services and the right way to complete your healing journey.

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“Health is not simply the absence of illness.” – Hannah Green

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